ATELIERFRONT is a young and eager design studio, founded by Marita Bijlsma and Thomas Buijs. We met during our studies at TUDelft and developed our ideas on design and collaboration while working for 10 years in the renowned studio of Fokkema & Partners.

We are a small atelier with a broad network of partners. This enables us to quickly adapt and fit our expertise to a project. Working in small teams, we are agile and mobile.

We commit to projects ranging from workplace solutions to furniture, from buildings to homes. We like our clients to be open-minded and explorative, just like us.

Our design philosophy is to think of your project as a story line, whether it is your brand or your private surroundings. Together we question what is important and what not. We challenge you to choose. The result should be a project with strong identity but open to use and adaptation. A project is successful when both the client and we are proud of the result.

We believe everything can be reimagined to a more sustainable form. From durability to flexibility, from sourcing materials to reducing energy waste. We will excite you to take it one step further.

We use integral design methods, beautiful materials and craftsmanship to make stirring designs. Did we mention we can use Virtual Reality to show you?

We design spaces for people. Human habits and relations are what drive us to find unconventional but suitable solutions. We test and discuss broad options, and criticise the best together with our clients, from large ideas to defining details. Our solutions should always be better than before.