12 Coworking space, entrance lobby and coffee bar Rotterdam

Interior design and renovation of the ground floor of a 22 storey building in Rotterdam.

11 Home The Hague

Design of a rooftop extension in The Hague.

10 General Practise The Hague

Test fit for a general practise in a redevelopment project in The Hague.

09 Home The Hague

Design of a rebuilding of a house in The Hague.

08 Home Amsterdam

Interior design for a house in Amsterdam.

07 Home Rossum

Renovation and interior design of a house in the town of Rossum. Rossum is a cultural heritage site.

06 Home The Hague

Interior design of a monumental house in Den Haag's Statenkwartier. The city block is a cultural heritage site.

05 Office Ampelmann Delft

Interior design for Ampelmann Headquarters in Delft. Ampelmann is a Dutch offshore startup.

04 Home Baambrugge

Renovation and addition to a house in the village of Baambrugge near Amsterdam. Baambrugge is a cultural heritage site.

03 Home Amsterdam

Renovation and addition of a 1920’s monumental family house in Amsterdam.

02 Home Amsterdam

Additions to 3 appartments on a monumental schoolbuilding in Amsterdam.

01 Home Amsterdam

Transformation of a part of a monumental schoolbuilding into an appartment.